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We treat in a "natural" way, with natural movement for the body


Individual approach

Each patient has a different extent of damage and comes to us for treatment at a different stage of health development, which results in special needs and requirements during rehabilitation.

Therefore, great emphasis is placed on an individual approach in our neurorehabilitation clinic in setting up a rehabilitation program to achieve a lasting improvement of health in the shortest possible time.

Therapeutic procedures and duration of treatment

When treating patients, we provide intensive neurorehabilitation by combining robot-assisted rehabilitation and standard rehabilitation methods. The therapy chosen in this way significantly contributes to the faster and irreversible achievement of positive therapy results.

The minimum duration of treatment is 30 therapeutic hours. One therapeutic hour lasts 60 minutes. The patient will receive an average of 3 therapeutic hours per day for 5 days per week.

How to start treatment


We will provide you with information about the conditions of providing rehabilitation health care by phone, e-mail, or in person. Subsequently, we will then arrange a personal consultation with our doctor.


Before personal consultation, we recommend delivering the client's medical reports or bringing them to a personal meeting. Based on the assessment of the client's health, the doctor, in cooperation with the physiotherapist, will propose a rehabilitation program.

3.Rehabilitation program

If the client accepts the proposed rehabilitation plan or rehabilitation plan modified based on his comments, we will prepare an Agreement on the Provision of Rehabilitation Health Care. After payment of remuneration for the provision of rehabilitation health care following the Agreement, the client may start rehabilitation treatment.

Examination by FBLR physician (expert in physiotherapy, balneology, and medical rehabilitation) and physiotherapist

The basic prerequisite for using our services is passing the initial examination. The examination includes an inspection and interview with the FBLR physician associated with the assessment of the health condition and diagnosis of the client. The FBLR physician, in cooperation with the physiotherapist, will then set up the correct rehabilitation program. The examination will be carried out for children from 6 years of age.

Intensive neurorehabilitation according to an individual rehabilitation program

Neurorehabilitation is a process designed to help the patient recover from damage to the nervous system (nerve cells) and to minimise and/or compensate for any functional changes resulting from it. Other parts of the nervous system may assume the function of damaged nerve cells. However, positive change requires long-term and intensive stimulation of the nervous system.

For this reason, we provide services only to patients who are ready to undergo at least 30 therapeutic hours. One therapeutic hour lasts 60 minutes. The patient undergoes 2 – 4 therapeutic hours per day for 5 days per week.

The rehabilitation program is designed for each patient individually, combining therapeutic robotics, physical therapy (magnetotherapy, laser), and standard treatment procedures.

We provide intensive neurorehabilitation for children and adults with neurological and physical deficits. We treat particularly the following diagnoses:

– Cerebrovascular accident

– Cerebral palsy

– Spinal cord and head injuries

– Multiple sclerosis

– Parkinson´s disease

Individual procedures

Individual procedures are provided to clients beyond the agreed individual rehabilitation program under the conditions of the currently valid pricelist of rehabilitation services.

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