The Levita Clinic is a specialised neurorehabilitation facility, which also includes an outpatient clinic of a physician specialising in FBLR. It provides specialist rehabilitation care for clients with various musculoskeletal disorders. Clients have wheelchair access and free parking is available. Our team is made up of experienced physicians and health care professionals with expertise in rehabilitation treatment.


We treat clients with spinal and musculoskeletal disorders. The rehabilitation plan is individually tailored to the needs of the client. Treatment consists of a wide range of rehabilitation methods and physical therapy.


Mäkké a mobilizačné techniky

Soft and mobilisation techniques

They are therapeutic methods that are used to improve movement and function of joints and muscles.

Individuálna kinezioterapia

Individual kinesiotherapy

It is a form of rehabilitation that focuses on strengthening and improving the functionality of the musculoskeletal system. Individual kinesiotherapy uses a variety of exercises and techniques that are adapted to the needs of each client.

Dynamická neuromuskulárna stabilizácia (DNS)

Dynamic Neuro­muscular Stabilization (DNS)

It is a method of physiotherapy that focuses on improving the stabilisation and coordination of muscle groups. This method is used in the rehabilitation of patients with back pain but also in athletes to prevent contractions and improve performance.



Exercises in REDCORD are performed on special slings that allow control and correction of the patient’s movement during the exercise. It is often used for the treatment and prevention of various functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system.



It is a therapeutic method that uses electricity to treat and relieve pain, improve circulation and strengthen muscles, and reduce inflammation.



It is a form of physical therapy that uses magnetic fields to treat various ailments and improve health.


Laser Therapy

It is a method of physical therapy that uses laser light for therapeutic purposes. It relieves pain, reduces inflammation and reduces swelling. We use a high power MLS laser.



It is used in physical therapy and rehabilitation to improve tissue healing, relieve pain and improve function of affected areas.



It is a form of treatment that uses heat or cold to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, release muscle tension, relieve pain, increase joint flexibility, and more. It has relaxing effects on the body and psyche.

SM cvičenie

SM exercise

It is an exercise method that focuses on strengthening weakened muscles and relaxing overworked muscles that are responsible for spinal stability and correct posture.


Procedures Duration Price
Initial examination 30 min. 55.00 €
Individual rehabilitation programme 60 min. 69.00 €
Individual kinesiotherapy, DNS, SM exercises, soft and mobilization techniques 30 min. 35.00 €
Neurac - Redcord 30 min. 40.00 €
Laser Therapy up to 15 min. 25.00 €
Ultrasound up to 20 min. 20.00 €
Magnetotherapy up to 20 min. 25.00 €
Electrotherapy up to 20 min. 25.00 €
Thermotherapy up to 30 min. 20.00 €

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  • VITA LEHNICE, s. r. o.
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  • IČO: 52 955 931
  • DIČ: 2121213105

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